Claudia Mandler McKnight, "Viscosity: When to go with the flow and when to resist"

Propeller Gallery

30 Abell Street

05/14/2017 at 3:00pm

Artists in Attendance 

Come meet the artists at Propeller Gallery

30 Abell Street

Thursday May 4th

Opening Party, all artists in attendance from 7 - 10pm

Saturday May 6th 

Dania Al O'bidi (12 - 3pm)

Anastessia Bettas (3 - 6pm)

Sunday May 7th (12 - 5pm)

Maggie Doswell

Melissa Tseng

Sunday May 14th(12 - 5pm)

Dania Al O'baidi

Claudia Mandler McKnight

Sunday May 21(12 - 5pm)

Anastessia Bettas

Linda Virio

CMM. We are made of Stars, Giant's Tomb, Georgian Bay. 48 x 36 in.. oil and cold wax on canvas. 2015
faded floor-1
mel web 3
CMM. Memory Map to Freddy Channel. 40 x 30 in. oil and cold wax on canvas. 2016
tredding lightly.JPG
AnastessiaBettas_Final Descent_2014_Encaustic_30x40
mel web
CMM. Bone Island Life, Joyful Abundance 2. 24 x 20 in. oil and cold wax on canvas. 2016
IMG_8772 (2)
day in life of crow 1, mixed media & resin m doswell
AA Long Gone
Propeller Gallery:
Material Nature

30 Abell Street, Toronto

May 3 - 21, 2017

Opening Reception:

    Thursday May 4th, 2017,

    from 7 - 10pm


Artist Talks
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